A Meeting With A Pirate
Given By Virgul
Prerequisites Activate Fisherman's Problem Quest
Objective Return Virgul's compass to him
Fail Conditions Virgul dies
Conflicts With: None

When you talked to Virgul, the pirate at Stico Bay. He asked you to find his compass and bring it to him. This activates the quest 'Find My Compass'. Go to the Stico Cave, a small cave which has a treasure chest, located east of Stico Bay. You'll meet Greston, he'll give you the compass and ask you to do him a favor, see Greston's Request quest.

This activates 'Compass Search' quest to return the compass to Virgul. Return to Virgul and give him his compass with that he and his men are off. And you get experience points and some gold.

Now you can go to see Atur to get your reward, see Fisherman's Problem.

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