A Problem With Scapulari
Given By Verno
Prerequisites None
Objective Eliminate the Scapulari threat to Clovelly
Fail Conditions None
Conflicts With: None
Rewards: 650 Gold

Verno asks you to get rid of the Scapulari who have been terrorizing Covelly. He suggest you go speak to the mage Hesmar Bratya, who lives a bit southeast in a cottage. This activates the first, of 8 mini sub-quests, called 'Find the Mage.'

A bunch of mini sub-quests get triggered:

Which have you going back and forth. Note: You don't really have to kill the Scapulari but if you want you can there are 3 camps just keep heading south, more XP and loot.

Hesmar Bratya will explain that the Scapulari only appear when the god Yatholen is angered. He'll ask you to investigate what is going on at Covelly Village. You need to talk to Broven to find out what is going on. He's a tiny bit south of Covelly in the small cottage just outside of the compound. He'll tell you that his brother, Darven, drown at sea. Go next door find his sister-in-law, Amerleen, who's the one who cursed Yatholen for taking her husband, Darven, away from her.

Go see Bratya with the information. He will be surprised but still skeptical as to what really has happened, as there must be more to the story then that.

Go back to Broven and he will confess to what really happened to his brother Broven, that he accidentally killed him and made up the story of him drowning.

Bratya now can understand the situation and why the god Yatholen is angry. To subside Yatholen's anger, Bretya says, that a human sacrifice has to be made at sea and tell Amerleen to stop cursing Yatholen would also be be a good idea.

Go back to Amerleen and tell her of the truth of her husband and due to her cursing Yatholen she has brought his wrath on Covelly Village. Amerleen will ask you to go see Broven to tell him she forgives him. But when you speak to Broven, he'll tell you that after you left Amerleen, she sacrificed herself to Yatholen.

Return to Bratya, he’ll tell you that the scapulari are retreating and you’ll gain some experience.

Finally go back to Verno and finish the quest and he'll give you 650 gold.

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