A Troubled Horse Breeder
Given By Lucius Darx
Objective Speak to Vesit Delurna

A Troubled Horse Breeder, is a quest in Two Worlds, in which The Hero is commissioned by Lucius Darx to assist, Vesit Delurna, a horse breeder and supplier for The Brotherhood, whom has been complaining of late about a problem with bandits, after requesting help from the guild, he was turned down, causing, Lucius Darx, on behalf of the organization, to hire, The Hero, instead.


t keep heading down the road from the village keeping to the right until you fin the stables near a magic shrine. At the stables there is a man who should be sitting down or waling around who is bold. Start a conversation dialog with him and say that you will help him take care of the bandits that have been harassing him after asking what is the problem.There are three bandits they are a low level group carrying a bit of minor loot. They are not difficult to kill so you can do thus quest at the very beginning of the game. In the camp there is a chest with a easy lock, this chest contains random loot. After you have killed the bandits go back to the horse breeder and collect your horse as a reward.


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