A paid murder
Given By Tidar Shog
Objective Kill Darat Honmoria and speak to Tidar
Fail Conditions Tidar dies
Conflicts With: Cross hit
Rewards: x10 XP, 1000 Gold, Giriza Reputation +2, Unlocks Cross hit

A Paid Murder is a side quest that takes place in the universe of Two Worlds, in which the hero, while on his way to the Brotherhood Outpost, is stopped by a man named Tidar Shog, whom asks a favor of him: to eliminate the outpost's commander, Darat Honmoria.


In order to find him, you have to finish the “Check up on the guard’s brother ” quest (see below). When you know that he’s in the Rusty Ogre Inn (he doesn’t spawn there until you find that out!), go find him and talk to him. He’ll propose a deal (Cross hit quest): he will pay you double if you double cross Tidar and kill him. The choice is yours. You can either kill Darat Honmoria (1000 gold + Giriza reputation) or Tidar (2000 gold).


  • You can obtain the 2000 gold without forsaking the reputation. If you tell Darat that you are happy to double-cross Tidar, he will pay you half your fee (1000 gold) up front. You can then kill him and hand the quest in to Tidar, in exchange for the other 1000 gold and the Giriza reputation.