Two Worlds II Character
Location: Bayan
Gives or Involved in Quests: Veterinarian practice, Starvation

Alima is the village leader of Bayan. When speaking to the people, it becomes apparent that they don't seem to think too highly of her and her decisions, as when the hero questions about her, the response is usually in disgust. She responds to this by saying "it's my job to make tough decisions, not manipulate the weather." She will ask the hero to help end the famine caused by the drought, thus starting the Starvation quest. She also teaches the hero the Alchemy skill and will allow the hero use of one of her best horses (after it's been healed, which is the first quest she offers). Her only known sibling is Lebo, who is her younger, mentally handicapped brother. The Mangano family has a particular hatred for her.


  • Alima will mention when she's giving her reward (if you killed Selen) that she had a husband who was a tailor. He left to search for food but never came back. Alima assumes that he's dead, stating that "he died trying to save the ones he loved."

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