Two Worlds II Character
Location: Halhin
Gives or Involved in Quests: Starvation, Rustler's Run

Altan is the village leader of Halhin. He is encountered on approach to village, and must be convinced in order to open the gates to the village.

As part of the Starvation quest, the Hero at first tries to persuade him to trade with Bayan, but ends up insulting him and his decisions. In order to get Altan to listen to reason, the Hero must challenge Altan for the leadership of the village. More specifically, he must compete in the Rustler's Run, a horse race. If accomplished in time, Altan will not be satisfied, saying he cannot let Halhin be ruled by someone so careless, and challenge the Hero to a fight to the death. The hero allows Altan to remain village elder in return for reestablishing trade with Bayan. He will still not accept, saying that Halhin has problems of its own. He will ask the Hero to find a water source for the village. Once that has been taken care of, yet again Altan will not agree to reestabilsh trade. At this point, Altan explains that he is not in full control of his decisions, and that the village is actually unofficially controlled by Selen, who must be dealt with one way or another in order to continue the quest.

Note: There is a bug (confirmed on PC&Xbox) that one of the village gates is unlocked, even though it is supposed to be locked until access is granted by Altan. If entered before convincing Altan, none of the villages will interact with you. Complete the Rustler's Run for the interactions with the locals to be restored.

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