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A 1st person view of Ancient Temple of Throglin.

Ancient Temple of Throglin
Location Type: Point of Interest
Located at: Thalmont
Available Quests: Into the Darkness, Forgotten Lore

The Ancient Temple of Throglin is where the Main Quest of Two Worlds begins. The game starts off here, when the Komorin village elder requests that you investigate the disappearance of a number of villagers. The culprits are two Groms, which have been killing the villagers. Throglin's Temple is the northern-most point in Two Worlds, due to the Dwarven City of Yamalin being incomplete upon the game's release.

The Quest Forgotten Lore reaches its climax here.


Ancient Temple of Throglin

  1. Throglin's Temple Teleport
  2. Grom location in Into the Darkness.
  3. "Dwarven Vortex" in Forgotten Lore.

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