Location Type: Human City
Located at: South Anteloor
(Western Coast)

Ashos is a medium sized city situated in the southern region of Antaloor. It contains one teleporter within the walls. The city itself has an eastern theme, with many of the buildings created in a eastern style. This seems slightly ironic due to the fact that it is the most western city in Antaloor.

There are few traders in Ashos, but there is a large guard. This is due to the fact that Ashos is prone to Orc invasion. The largest building in Ashos is the temple, but access to it requires the hero to complete a long quest.

Ashos has plenty of Greenland inside it's walls. In the surrounding area, there are forests of bambo. There are also remote houses situated in these forests. The primary danger in these areas are the humanoid insects. They are plentiful but weak. Their larger cousins, however, are incredibly powerful. The only way to effectively take them out is with magic. These insects live in large colonies dotted around the forests.


The main quest in Ashos involves finding a missing woman. There are rumours that strange activity has been going on in the temple. First you need a key. Find the Blacksmith in the North of Ashos. Then, you need to kill his jealous sister as she wants to take over the family business for herself. After hearing this, head to the mayor. He wants you to get his medicine for him, off a healer in the woods. To get the medicine, destroy the colony of insects nearby. You will then be informed that the mayor is actually a werewolf. Once you have given him the medicine, head to his back room. You will find Hono's sister's red dress. Return with the dress to Hono, and tell her that her sister was killed by the mayor. She will vanish. If you speak with the quest giver, he will reveal that Hono has killed the mayor. Collect your reward for the quest
Ashos twon

If you want to be a completist, you can kill the sister. Then, you will be given the key by the blacksmith, giving you access to the serpent infested tunnels in the temple.

Any side quests that you wish to complete must be completed before you finish the main quest. After you complete the main quest and collect the Relic stone, you will find the city overrun by orcs, and its people massacred. You may loot the many chests and bodies without penalty, however.

Trivia Edit

  • A canal runs through the city. The entrance and exits to the canal are barred with steel rods presumably to keep unwanted intruders out. However there are missing bars making easy passage for anyone willing to swim through to enter the city... Or to escape the hordes of Orcs that overrun the town.

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