Location Type: Village

Bayan, is a small village in the Erimos region where The Hero is teleported to by Ghortarius in Alsorna. The village leader is Alima who has a quest for, The Hero, involving the recent drought. The village has a few shops, and a shady rogue trader. Several buildings are unlocked and empty, and can be looted without consequences. The Hero, can also gamble here on a dice game.

There is also a gate to Hatmandor, which is closed and guarded by several soldiers. On approach, one in particular, Odval, will start a conversation informing you that you require a writ of protection in order to be allowed through. There are several people who give some indication as to how. Smart Mat will offer you a forgery for 500 auras, which turns out to be a money making scam. Tobias the Trunk offers to take you past the gate by the way of an old smuggling route for 300 auras, but his offer is just another waste of money. Thome the Scribe will offer to create the writ for you if you can get his old scribe equipment back. The only way to start a conversation with Thome the Scribe is by using a passphrase that the hero gets from Lewsam the Gravedigger who is in the cemetery outside Bayan. If you gave her some meat, you can also talk to Dagwa after talking to the guards and she will tell you about the smuggling route. This method saves some time if you are in a hurry.


  • Bayan is an arabic word for "Clarity", or, "Appearance".

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