Location Type: Destroyed Human Village
Located at: Thalmont

Brumhill, is a small village on the eastern border of Thalmont. A number of quests are sent from the residents of Komorin, who are unsettled by the fact that there haven't been any news from them for quite some time. Upon discovery of Brumhill, it is fairly obvious that it has been recently attacked by orcs. The buildings are charred blocks, the dead are burnt and those that did not get killed by the fire were killed afterwords by the orcs. The discovery of Brumhill will resolve several quests. The Glacier Orcs that plundered the village will still be present. They will be quite powerful for the less experienced players


Brumhill Map

  1. Kinrakkull Glacier Teleport
  2. Plundered Camp
  3. Moon Eye Crystal

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