Call of the Tenebrae (abbreviated CoT) is the second DLC to Two Worlds II after Pirates of the Flying Fortress, published on June 15, 2017. An additional standalone version was released, which does not require Two Worlds II in order to play. CoT contains a new single player campaign, as well as new content, including new weapons, armor, and enemies.

Call of the Tenebrae was first announced by Topware Interactive on their Facebook page, along with Shattered Embrace, additional multiplayer maps, and the beginning of development on Two Worlds III. Given an initial release window of Q2 2016, CoT ended up being delayed over a year.

The main plot is connected to Dar Pha's strange letter, which led the Hero to the mysterious island of Tebris. There, he's confronted with the dark legacy of the ancient order of Tenebrae endangering the town of Dorchad. Here, main antagonist is the former monk, rat-transformed Adramelech, while the Hero's helping hand is Adramelech's former companion, named Orias.

A DLC introduces two joinable organizations active on Tebris (alongside the third one, where the advancement is main-quest driven), Vanderbilt Consortium and Dorchad Regional Union of Miners, both offering unique traders and non-linear side quests, as only one of the two can eventually be helped to defeat the another.