Try these alternate forms of gameplay in the Two Worlds landscape:

Start the game fresh and once you've escaped the temple travel to the capital (yeah, forget about your sister she's on her own - we never liked her anyway and besides you were adopted) without completing any additional quests other than getting your gold reward from Tago (cause if you don't there won't be any merchants to trade with and we want to shop - don't we). Use the "main" path to get there and kill everything along the way to earn as many skill points as possible but DO NOT assign any of them just yet. This will take hours and lots of patience but once we get to the city I will post (hopefully) many alternate games that may result. Oh, also there has been a decree by the king that no giant spiders are to be killed, they are a protected creature of the land, so you must pay them the proper respect by leaving them alone. If they poison you as you pass you just better have a shroom or something to detox and anyway at this point they are too hard to kill.

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