Trapmaking(v1.1 alchemy lv.0)


mineral(s)+poisonous ingridient(s)+non-poisonous ingridients(optional)

depends on the sum of bonus values: strength, dex, vit, magic, mana/10, hp/10, damage/10...

8 kinds of bomb: mailbomb,bomb,firebomb,poisonbomb,icebomb,bladebomb,heavybomb,hellbomb

a roughly scale:     <10      11~19  20~29      30~49        50~89     90~119     120~149     150~

note:bomb+bomb=firebomb bomb+ingridient(s)=upgrade etc...

note:when using the "+10" mineral(s), the amount of other ingridients should be more than the mineral(s)

note:cannot use mushrooms?

note:mana draining is not poisonous


mineral(s)+non-poisonous ingridient(s)

hammertrap,poisontrap,rippertrap,poisonedbladestrap,hotironstrap,sharpIciclestrap, and holding traps

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