Summary of MagicEdit

Magic in Two Worlds II is Card based. By combining cards in various ways you can create a wide range of spells. All spells consist of 3 basic types of cards: Effect, Carrier, and Modifier. These 3 types of cards are placed inside the Spell Amulet. Only 1 spell can be created within 1 Spell Amulet, however you can have more than 1 effect per spell. Each Spell Amulet has 3 levels or Tiers. How you build your spell will affect the amount of tiers you can have. Some spells can only use the 1st while others can use all 3.


To increase the power of spells, you can stack each type of card. The more of each card you add the more powerful it becomes. Although doing this does increase incantation time and mana cost.

Example: 1 Area Carrier = 4m radius, while 5 stacked Area Carriers = 8m Radius.


This attribute does 3 things:

  1. Increase the power of spells
  2. Increase total amount of player's mana
  3. Increase the mana regeneration rate

Spell damage is calculated from the total amount of willpower, not your base stat. So increasing it by using crystals will still increase the 3 above mentioned effects.


The number of maximum cards that can be used in a spell is governed by 3 things.

  1. Level of Mastery of the element that is being used. (Effect Cards)
  2. Level of Wisdom (Modifier Cards)
  3. Level of Sorcery Artisan (Carrier Cards)

Each of these categories affect the number of cards you can place within the spell at a time. The higher level you raise each Skill, the more cards that can be placed. Effect cards have a maximum of 10 per element, Carrier cards have a maximum of 11, and Modifier cards have a maximum of 12. These number of cards are shared among all 3 of the tiers. Each tier has a maximum of 10 cards per type allowed.

Example: Tier 1 uses 10 Alter carriers and 10 Time modifiers. Tier 2 can use only 1 Enchant carrier and 2 modifiers wether it be a Time or any other type of Modifier card.

Effect CardsEdit

These cards are based of each of the 5 elements of magic: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, And Necromancy. Each element has 3 effect cards associated with it. Most effect cards, while combined with a damage modifier, will deal damage related to their element despite the type of effect card used. (Example: Use of Fire, Force, or Power will still result in fire damage). Necromancy effect cards can deal 2 types of damage, either poison or spectral damage.

School of Magic Effect Cards
Air Air, Life, Lightning
Fire Fire, Power, Force
Water Water, Psyche, Ice
Earth Earth, Stone, Ivy
Necromancy Corpse, Poison, Decay

Carrier CardsEdit

These cards affect the nature of the spell. Below is a chart for the cards and their effects:

Card Effect
Missile Expels missile with 2 m/s velocity
Enchant Creates effect on target with 2% strength bonus.
Area Creates area effect with a range of 4m.
Summon Summons a creature of level 4 strength for 60s.
Altar Spawns an Altar providing a chosen Enchantment.
Trap Creates a trap for 60s.


Simply creates a projectile of the effect card that is paired with it.


Lock-on spell that cannot miss if targeting an enemy. If targeting an ally, one must align the curser manually until a cross reticule appears in your incantation circle. If no target is selected, Enchant will automatically target yourself. Enchant cannot target the caster or ally if the spell has a negative effect. Enchant also increases the strength of the Effect on target by 2% (max of 50%).


Causes the effect card to be spread out. Results in less overall power, but abillity to strike more than one opponent or ally at a time. Positive effect spells will only effect allies, while Negative effect spells will only target enemies within the radius.


This Carrier allows you to summon a creature based upon the Effect card you used. Base level of a summoned creature depends on how many Summon cards are stacked (Max level is 40). Stacking the Effect cards adds damage and health bonus to the summon (Max = 100% bonus).

Effect Card Summoning
Air Vespine
Life Resurrects corpse with 20% HP
LIghtning Varn
Fire Wolfiend
Power Scorpion
Force Tailer
Psyche Stinger
Ice Spider
Water Scapulari
Stone Stone Golem
Ivy Wolf
Earth Werebeast
Corpse Necris
Poison Undead



This carrier cannot have an effect with it. After adding this carrier you must drop to the 2nd tier of the Spell Amulet. There add an enchant card and create the desired spell. When the Altar is cast, you can activate it at anytime to gain the effect you created within it. It is limited by 2 things:

  1. Time of how long the Altar can last (60s minimum, and 135s maximum)
  2. Number of uses of the Altar itself. (2 uses minimum and 25 uses maximum)

After either option, the Alter will vanish. The time it lasts can be increased with a time modifier, and the number of uses it has can be increased by stacking Altar carriers.


Creates a trap filled with magical energy. It will activate when an enemy walks over it. The trap will vanish if not activated before its time runs out. Using this spell in certain ways can create a trap that will activate even if your ally walks over it. Under normal conditions, the spell will not activate when you or your allies walk over it.

Modifier CardsEdit

These cards change how the spell works within its Carrier. There are a total of 6.

  1. Damage
  2. Protection
  3. Time
  4. Homing
  5. Ricochet
  6. Spray


Changes the nature of the spell to damage, only 1 can be applied per tier. This is necessary in each tier that you wish to do damage in. If damage is only in the first tier of a Missile spell, the spell will only do damage upon impact, and the second effect will not do any actual damage.


Changes the nature of the spell to protect the target. Only 1 can be applied per tier. Acts similar in fashion to Damage. Can only be used when a time modifier is present. Cannot be used with Missile Carrier. Since it is a positive effect, it will only affect yourself or your allies. It cannot be used to affect the enemy.


Time Cards increase the length of spells. Allows for longer-lasting effects the more it is stacked.

Number of Cards: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Time Increase: 5% 18% 31% 45% 58% 71% 85% 98% 111% 125%

Time Cards can make Area carriers sustain their effect, lengthen the time summons last, and prolong Enchant carrier's effects.


Only 1 Homing modifier may be used per spell. Only usable with Missile Carrier. It changes the Missile carrier to automatically seek out nearby enemies within a 360 degree radius of the caster. Its homing is extremely precise, known to bend around objects that enemies have ran behind while it was chasing them.


Maximum of 5 Modifiers of this type may be placed in a Missile based spell. It allows the Missile based spells to bounce off any solid surface, including enemies themselves. The missile will ricochet upon impact once for every Ricochet modifier used. So a Missile spell with 0 will dissipate upon impact, but a spell with 5 will ricochet five times before finally stopping.


Maximum of 5 Modifiers of this type may be placed in a Missile-based spell. It allows the caster to fire more projectiles with one cast. Number of shots fired are increased with more cards placed.

Number of Cards 1 2 3 4 5
Shots Fired 3 4 5 6 7

Magic spells found in Two Worlds II.Edit


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