Location Type: Human City
Located at: North Antaloor,
by the River Gon.

Cathalon is the Royal Capital City of Antaloor's human population and the seat of King Emrys. It lies at the very heart of Antaloor, sprawled on the banks of the Gon.

Cathalon has the largest population in Antaloor, homing both cityfolk and villagers alike. It is the center of trade in Antaloor, and it also home to the Merchant's Guild Headquarters.

Cathalon also has 15 quest givers to be found, and they are as followed;

  • Gil Braver
  • Garondel's Shop
  • Fariel's Shop
  • Merchant's Guild Headquarters
  • Stranger (there is a 'Stranger' in every major town).
  • Brokat's House
  • Training Grounds
  • Cathalon Dungeons/Bootlegger's Cave
  • River Dras' House
  • Fountain
  • Drox Galor
  • Creo
  • Ruins
  • Trados Prophiter

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