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Two Worlds CheatsEdit

Here you may put cheats for the two worlds game for PC. Press x to access the keyboard. On the PC press the ~ key. All cheats with "BonusCode" in them don't affect your achievements. All other codes do. First type in "twoworldscheats 1" or "thisisgreatgame" to put the game into a special cheat mode. Remember: enter the code excactly the way it appears.


  • AddExperiencePoints X
  • AddSkillPoints X
  • AddParameterPoints X
  • AddGold X

X = The desired number of gold,points.

  • ec.dbg rep

All reputation goes up 1.

  • ec.dbg levelup

Level up

  • ec.dbg levels X

X = The desired level.

  • BonusCode 9728-1349-2105-2168

Unlocks Armor of Darkness

  • BonusCode 9470-4690-1542-1152

Unlocks Azirral's Sword of Fire

  • BonusCode 9470-6557-8820-9563

Unlocks Great Shield of Yatholen

  • BonusCode 9447-1204-8639-0832

Unlocks The Great Bow of Heaven's Fury

  • BonusCode 9144-3879-7593-9224

Unlocks Spear of Destiny

  • Create Lockpick

Creates a Lockpick

  • Create Teleport_Activator

Creates a Teleport Activator

  • Create Personal_Teleport

Creates a Personal Teleport

  • Jump2

Jumps the player to where mouse is pointing

  • physX.Door.RemoveAll 2

Walk through doors.

  • kill

Kills an enemy unit in sight.

  • heal

Heals the player to full health




From Category:CheatsEdit


Cheat CodesWhile playing, press ` to bring up the console. Type "TwoWorldsCheats 1" (without quotes) into the console to activate cheat mode. Then type any of the following cheat codes in the console. Note: Codes are not case-sensitive.

Code: Result:
god 1 Level 100, All Skills, God Mode
healH Full Health
AddGold # Add Gold (# = Amount)
SetGold # Set Gold (# = Amount)
AddSkillPoints # Add Skill Points (# = Amount)
AddParamPoints # Add Param Points (# = Amount)
AddExperiencePoints # Add Experience Points (# = Amount)
SetStrength # Set Strength (# = Amount)
ResetFog Reveal Map
ec.dbg levelup Level Up
ec.dbg skills Unlock All Skills
ec.dbg iamcheater Set All Attributes to 1000
ec.dbg levelup10 Add 10 Levels
ec.AddObjectToInventory [code] [#] Add Object to Inventory (See List)

Inventory Codes Use these codes with the ec.AddObjectToInventory cheat.


(Supplied By: Gundrashant)

((Supplied By: Gundrashant)Adding Damage Crystals To Your Inventory Make sure cheat mode is active then type in console:

ec.AddObjectToInventory Art_Add_Damage_!(#eDamage@) $

Replace ! with a number from 01 to 07, this sets the level of the crystal, the higher the number, the more powerful the crystal. Replace @ with one of the 5 attributes, which are: fire, cold, poison, spirit, electric. Replace $ with the number of crystals you want, if you type 10, you get 10 type 1000 you get 1000.

Example of Cheat:

ec.AddObjectToInventory Art_Add_Damage_07(#eDamageFire) 10

This will spawn 10 level 7 Fire damage crystals in your inventory.

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