Cheznaddar is the second largest city in the island of Erimos. It's visual appearence is much more poorer and older looking than in Hatmandor. While Hatmandor has kept it's glory, Cheznaddar has succumbed to crime and poverty. In the northern part of Cheznaddar are the hooks where criminals and other lawbreakers are hanged for punishment.

You are required to complete various quests for Gart Valarin located in the Tavern at Cheznaddar in order to proceed to Hatmandor.

Places To NoteEdit

  • Cheznaddar/Hatmandor sewers can be accessed here.
  • The only Brotherhood outpast in Two Worlds 2 can be found nearby.
  • Tavern to learn and purchase musical instruments.
  • One of the only Gallows in Two Worlds 2 can be found in Cheznaddar.

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