Two Worlds Achievement
ACH Created Class 10 Item 15
Create at least one item with quality class 10.

This is an Xbox 360 achievement. It is worth 15 Gamerscore.


Do not feel intimidated by this achievement. When you kill your first batch of groms, take up their mundane items (i.e. short swords, grom shields). Now, avoid selling these items. Instead, carry them with you, combining them with similar items as you find them. As groms are often encountered in groups, and often carry similar items, you should be able to achieve this passively within the first few hours.

On an important note, even comparatively poor weapons and armors can be quite effective at higher classes, and it is not unlikely that, should you choose a shield for this achievement, for it to reach parry strengths in the hundreds. Even grom shields can be more effective than the expensive variants offered by merchants, and are a great asset to the player at lower levels.

Congratulations, achievement unlocked, now, go get that short sword to class 50!

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