Two Worlds Achievement
ACH Created a Permanent Potion 20
Create at least one permanent potion.

This is an Xbox 360 achievement. It is worth 20 Gamerscore.


This achievement is comparitively easy for the size of its reward, and should be considered difficult. Simply grab two permanent items (the word permanent should appear in their inventory descriptions), and combine them using alchemy. Minerals are the most useful for obtaining this achievement, though a pair of fox livers will do the job nicely.

If you have not already obtained the achievement for making your first potion, it will also be unlocked.

Congratulations, achievement unlocked!


Permanent potions can be incredibly useful, capable of increasing you stats by as much as twenty at a time. If you do not intend to utilize cheats, they can be quite useful at hieghtening all your player's stats to full capacity.

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