The race of Dwarves once boasted greater numbers in Antaloor than any other race, but the Great War of the Gods cost them dearly - they now have only a shadow of the power they once possessed. The Dwarves are concentrated in and around the well-hidden mountain town of Yarmalin, in their northern territory. There in Antaloor’s far north, the rugged mountains hinder any other race from accessing their new domain - but the former dwarf stronghold of Tharbakin is now in human hands. You’ll occasionally come across dwarves in the foreland around the mountains. No one knows much of events in Yarmalin. Information seldom leaks out of the town. Rumor has it that the Great War of the Gods struck a terrible blow to the heart of the dwarf nation. The disciplined ways of the dwarf culture mirrored the eternal and unchanging rules of the divine Olympus, the home of the Gods. The god Aziraal’s struggle for power and the chaos that followed thrust the dwarves into total confusion – aye, they did fight side by side with the other civilized races and they did play their part in a victory against Aziraal which at the outset seemed almost impossible to achieve - but the story going the rounds is that the dwarves’ witnessed the huge effort it cost their other gods to defeat Aziraal and restore a semblance of balance to the world - and this shook the very foundations of their beliefs in the power of their gods. This warlike race of the high northern mountains was once extremely disciplined, with a strong structure of command – but nowadays the clans fight amongst themselves and the atmosphere is one of mistrust. However, don’t ever make the mistake of underestimating them! Continuous internal skirmishing has ensured that the fighting power of the dwarves remains dynamic and hard-hitting.

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