The Elves aren’t too popular with the other races - they’re thought of as being blatantly arrogant. Nevertheless the other races do respect them, albeit grudgingly. Even the Orcs admire the Elves’ bold and fearless battle tactics (and that’s saying something!). There is one race which has no time for the Elves, however… the Serpents. It’s said that they truly despise the dwarves – and that the feeling is mutual. After the Great War of the Gods, the Elves populated the offshore islands to the northwest of Cathalon - and since then, have taken nothing to do with mainland affairs. Thanks to this reclusiveness, not much is known about what the Elves have been doing in the last few centuries - rumours do abound however - and the most popular is that they are only concerned with their own deeds, vainly erecting one monument after another to their heroic actions during the Great War of the Gods. If you happen to meet an elf or two on the mainland, they are probably employed as mercenaries or are on some secret mission of their own.

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