Ferid Redismos talking to The Hero.

Two Worlds Character
Location: Komorin
Member of: Society
Gives or Involved in Quests: An Old Friend, By any means, Personal Teleport, Another Personal Teleport

Ferid Redismos is a very strong Mage, and a prominent member of The Society Mages Guild. Ferid is also a briliant researcher keenly intrested in the old Teleports that dot the landscape of Antaloor. He is also an old and close friend of The Hero, and greets him with a warm welcome, the moment that they see each other near the village teleport of Komorin.


  • Ferid's robes suggest that he is an Air Mage.
  • The conversation between Ferid and The Hero suggests they're long-time friends, and have encountered each other before the events of Two Worlds.
  • After you've completed all of the chain-quests for 'Personal Teleport', Ferid explains to The Hero that they can't be seen talking to each other anymore. The reasons for this are unknown, but it's likely that Ferid wasn't allowed to research Teleports in the first place.
  • In the quest Another Personal Teleport Ferid will ask The Hero to bring back 2 more Magnesite to create another personal teleport stone. If The Hero brings back 4 Magnesite Ferid will create 2 more stones so The Hero will have 3 teleport stones total.

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