Find a Relic Fire Stone
Given By Ho
Prerequisites Complete Talk to Ho
Objective Find the Fire Element
Fail Conditions None
Conflicts With: None
Rewards: Fire Element

There are a few ways to get this stone.

  • Find Creo in Catholon and do his quest to recieve Orc Armor (can only be used once so BE CAREFUL). When you get to Gor Gammar, just follow the tunnel to the left of the main gate and walk up to the relic.
  • You can also just skip Creo's quest if you think you can take on a large number of orcs, it shouldnt be too hard fighting these orcs, all you need to do is train your water skill up and find the resurection skill, kill one of the orcs and then ressurect him and then he will fight on your side, as soon as he kills another orc with the help of the hero of course, ressurect him and then you will have two orcs in your army and so on.

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