Two Worlds Achievement
ACH Found the Air Element 20
Find the Air Element in the main storyline.

This is an Xbox 360 achievement. It is worth 20 Gamerscore.


In farthest southeastern accessible corner of the game map, east of Gor Gammar, lies the nest of the white dragon. This can be reached through one of two methods.

1. Head to the Drak'ar Desert. It may be worth visiting the hut of the dragon-whisperer who lives here, as his quest parallels the journey you must make.

Head south through the desert until you reach the mountains. A pass should be recognizable on your map, which you should follow south. The pass here is populated by the game's largest community of stone golems, which can be easily avoided (unless of course you don't have the achievement yet, in which case you should kill one). There is also a Sand Dragon waiting at the entrance to the pass, which can also be killed for its achievement.

Continue south until the pass leads into a massive cave, which will eventually end, depositing you on a thin road. Follow this until you reach the dragon's nest. The dragon is not at home, leaving you free to claim the Air Element and your achievement!

2. The longer, more dangerous, but perhaps more profitable route will require you to head into southern Antaloor, into the Dead Woods just east of Gor Gammar. Follow the region's only road, dealing with the Scorpions and Hell warriors as you see fit, until you come to the dragon's nest. Achievement unlocked!


It may be worth noting that, should you follow the first of the given guides, there is a slight chance that, upon returning to the dragon-whisperer to tell him of your discovery of the dragon's nest, that the achievement for destroying the Great Pentagram will be randomly unlocked. This makes it possible to unlock four separate achievements in a very short period of time.

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