Two Worlds Achievement
ACH Found the Fire Element 20
Find the Fire Element in the main storyline.

This is an Xbox 360 achievement. It is worth 20 Gamerscore.


Follow the road south from Cathalon into southern Antaloor. You will eventually come to a large fortress, called Gor Gammar, apparently under seige by orcs, though in truth it is inhabited by them. Travel around the keep, to where there is a secret dungeon entrance, called the Path of the Doomed, guarded by a number of Gamma Orcs. Fight your way through the dungeons until you emerge on the opposite side.

There will be a LOT of orcs here. There are a number of respawn shrines inside, but this achievement should not be attempted by lower-level players. These orcs will carry a lot of very high-leveled loot, which can be quite beneficial to those attempting to perfect their character without the use of cheats.

Once you are inside the city, kill all the orcs and make your way across the plaza. There will be a number of lower towers, each with a staircase, but it is not necessary to climb them. Work your way through the orcs to a tall series of archways, guarded by a number of Gamma Orcs. Once past the arches, turn right, and you will see a large shrine of some sort. Approach the shrine, and you will able to take the Fire Element. A convenient portal located inside the keep will take you safely to any point of your choosing.

Congratulations, achievement unlocked!


The keep is guarded by a pair of Lava Dragons, which should be avoided at all costs at lower levels. They can be killed for their corresponding achievement.

Though the achievement description states that the element must be found during the main storyling, this is NOT the case. Simply go to the fortress, and you will find the element, regardless of your progress in the main storyline.

Alternatively, you can opt to take the more passive route into the keep by investing in Orc Camoflauge Armor, which will allow you indisputed interest. Personally, this is not recommended, as the Orcs here carry some very profitable loot and can be killed for substantial experience.

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