Two Worlds Ingredient
Increases: Dexterity 3
Duration: Permanent
Source: Fox

A Fox Liver, is an Alchemy ingredient that can be used in all kinds of Alchemical combinations.&nbsp Fox livers can be obtained by killing any fox or by searching in any kind of containers. Foxes are fairly infrequent, traveling alone along roads, in general, Foxes are hard to find.


Fox livers have a permanent effect, adding one to the dexterity attribute. They are one of the few fauna ingredients to boast a permanent effect, as this is a role usually held in reserve by minerals.

They can, subsequently, be used in the making of permanent potions.

'''Fox Livers''' can also be sold to merchants for profit.



  • although most merchants buy this ingredient, it is unclear what any self-respecting merchant would do with the liver of a fox.

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