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Two Worlds II Character

Two WorldsEdit

Gandohar, a powerful dark wizard, is first met at the beginning of the game and seeks to gain favour with the Hero . He appears to be acting on behalf of a mysterious, underground society who have kidnapped Kira, the sister of the Hero. Gandohar managed to keep up this charade for some time until it was revealed that he, himself, was actually the ringleader of the underground society and was actually responsible for the kidnapping of Kira.

Reist Tungard, who is actually a horrific, demonic entity, as his henchmen and serves as guard to the Star of Oswaroth. He was originally thought to be the leader of the underground society, until Gandohar later betrayed the Hero and revealed his intentions to him.

Two Worlds IIEdit

Gandohar is the main antagonist, for most of Two Worlds II. He has placed himself as the Emperor of Antaloor by the time of Two Worlds II. He has taken on a more evil looking appearance and rules with an iron fist. During his reign he has commited several nefarious deeds such as offically disbanding the Mages Guild and wiping out nearly the entire Orcish race. He has been using Kyra as his power source. By doing so, he must use the Hero to keep her alive by transferring magic between the two. The hunt for Gandohars past and weakness serves as the majority of the plot. 

At the end of the game the Hero assaults Imperial Palace. When he leaves the dungeons he encounters a group of soldiers. They inform him that the Emperor is waiting and after a brief chat they take him. Gandohar is no more hostile to the Hero. When freed from Azziral's influence he helped Kyra and summoned Dar Pha to his castle in order to imprison Azziral once again. Then something interrupts the meeting and it turns out that it is Prophet Cassara. She servers Azziral and is, in fact, a dragon. Gandohar opens a teleport and orders the hero, his sister and Dar Pha to run while he will deal with the dragon. Unfortunately for the Emperor he was weak because he had to use his own life force to strenghten Kyra. He decided to stay in order to atone for his crimes and sacrifice himself in order to buy some time for the Hero and the rest to imprison Azziral in his sarcophagus once again. Cassara droped his crown before the fight. Dar Pha suggested that Antaloor cannot be allowed to descent into chaos and that Emperor must live. The Hero never wanted the crown so Kyra accepted it and now poses as Gandohar. 


  • Unlike most of the other characters from between the Two Worlds games his appearance does not change all that much.
  • He was once a student of the Veneficus University in New Ashos.
  • He appears to be the original inhabitant of the Tower of Fangs. His journal can be found inside on the top floor.
  • He is wearing a mask that covers his face.
  • He caused the destruction of the first University and the creation of The Swallows.
  • His armour can be used in-game, but is impossible to spawn without using an external programme.