Getting to Hatmandor
Given By The Prophet
Prerequisites Complete The Tower of Fangs, Desertgate
Rewards: Access to Hatmandor and Bad Yl, starts Inside Man and Valarin's Informant - Mirage's Identity


Gotta find the leaders Hatmandor's chapter of the resistance, who could be allies in the this time of need. Also, it appears they'd be the best people to know how to enter the Tower of Fangs.

From what Ghortarius described, this has to be the Savannah. Need to find my way to Hatmandor.

Approach the City Guard at the gates to Hatmandor and he will tell you to seek Commander Gart Valarin in Cheznaddar.

Hatmandor's closed due to an ongoing murder investigation. There's a man in Cheznaddar, Hatmandor's sister city, who I've heard could grant me permission to enter... one Commander Valarin.

Head to the new location of the Getting to Hatmandor pin. To get there, go west-southwest until you find two wooden doors that are open a crack. Run through there and you should see a large gazebo in front of you (the "dounut" shape on the map). Go under it and you will find Valarin talking to the bartender. Speak with him and accept the quest.

Looking for Jarrad, Commander Gart Valarin's informant. He'll be the key in whether or not I can proceed with my mission.

The "Getting to Hatmandor" symbol now changes from a blue pin to a red "X" in southwest Cheznaddar. To get there, go west, then south. You'll want to go into the door to the farthest south and marked on your map with a flag if the quest is selected. This is Jarrad's house. Inside, through the door on your left, you will find a Wisdom Skillbook. When you are ready, go upstairs and talk to Jarrad.

Found Jarrad, but he won't talk. The people he's working for supply a rare medicine for his mother. The only place I can get it is from a nearby imperial storehouse... Jarrad suggested I should use the roof entrance.

Enter the Imperial Storehouse and retrieve the Bottle of Dew from the locked chest. The storehouse is northwest of Jarrad's house. There's a door into the storehouse to the west guarded by two guards. They will attack if you get close to the door. You can enter through a looked door on the roof without fighting. Starting from where the two guards are, you can run up the small wooden boards to eventually reach the roof. The locked chest you are after is between two shelves and positioned against the rear wall of the structure. There is a lot of other decent loot in here though.

I've found the medicine Jarrad wanted. Now, let's see if he spills what he knows.

The quickest way to get back to Jarrad's house is to run south along the roof tops, around a structure on the roof, then down the stairs. You'll end up on the stairs to the east of Jarrad's house. Talk to Jarrad again to advance the quest.

I aquired Jarrad's medicine for him, but it may be true that the people he works for are actually the victims here. I need to inform Valarin. He won't be happy...

Speak to Valarin in front of the gate to Hatmandor (same place you met the City Guard) and accept his quest, Inside Man.

Got to Hatmandor. Wasn't easy.

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