Two Worlds Creature
Weakness: Bludgeoning
Resistant: Slashing & Pericing
Drops: Trachidis Egg

The Giant Trachidis (queen) has substantially more health than the ordinary variety. They appear very similar to the Giant Scorpion and do some poisoning damage. Their melee attack is extremely powerful so if you can, attack with ranged weapons and keep your distance.


There is often a single Giant Trachidis within every herd of three or more Trachidis and they are most commonly found in the region of Antaloor south of the forest. One can also be found near the teleporter just east of Windbreak.


  • You can easily find Giant Trachidis in the South-West of Antaloor - near Ashos.
  • The most effective ways to kill them are with bludgeon weapons and earth magic.

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