Two Worlds Creature

Glacier orcs compared to common orcs, are white in skin color and are slightly stronger than their relatives. Inhabiting the Deladkull Glacier in the far north-east corner of the map it is likely that these will be the very first orcs you come across as the glacier is relatvily closer to the players starting point than the areas south of Cathalon were you start meeting the common orc. New players encountering them will have trouble defeating them as they are much more powerful foes than the other beastiary of similar latitudes (Groms, ETC) so newbies may want to avoid going to the glacier until they level up some more. It is also noted that they have also taken to raiding the lands just off the glacier as evident by the unfortunate state of Brumhill which has been completely destroyed by them.

Areas foundEdit

Quests involving themEdit

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