altars are objects found across the two worlds 2 campaign and give significant bonuses depending on the alter The Hero activates. Each alter increases one of the 4 primary stats which is Strength,Endurance,Accuracy, and Willpower. Also altars restore all of The Hero's health and stamina.


although there is no history about altars or why they or there or what made them appeared in the 2nd of the two worlds franchise but what is known is that each altar represents one of the 4 gods in the two worlds franchise which are 

Aziraal,Throglin,Yatholen, and Maliel.


While the history of altars is unknown, altars are known to give bonuses in each of the 4 primary stats in the game. Each altar  increases the value of the following:

Aziraal- increases The Hero's strength

Throglin- Increases endurance 

Yatholen- increases accuracy

Maliel- Increases willpower

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