Humans inhabit the flourishing Kingdom of Cathalon. Their capital city, named after the kingdom, lies at the heart of Cathalon. The Great War of the Gods seems to have had a decimating effect on the power of the Dwarves and Elves, since their influence is on the wane - in strong contrast to the Humans, a race which is well on the way to becoming established as the most powerful in the known world. Not that the Humans had it any easier than the others after the Great War - even after nigh-on a thousand years of comparative peace, they’re still not living in the lap of luxury... but in comparison to the greatly weakened Kingdom of the Dwarves and the lands to which the Elves and the Serpents retreated, Cathalon is a prosperous and up-and-coming Kingdom.

The Great War of the Gods also affected the borders between the races’ territories. Before the carnage, humans had lived in the area around the town of Oswaroth, to the east of Cathalon, but the war razed their settlements to the ground - now what was once home to many humans is totally uninhabitable. Even today, sluggish poisonous vapors lie over the surface of the barren landscape, making approach impossible. The only creatures that seem to have developed any kind of immunity to these gases are monsters - and there are hordes of them in and around Oswaroth.

The young and vibrant royal city of Cathalon is centrally located on the banks of the river Gon. A junction for trade routes and waterways, the King of Cathalon’s seat of residence is a busy and impressive town. One of the reasons for Cathalon’s recent strong emergence is its strict military organization. Individual towns in the kingdom retain their autonomy and have their own Town Guard. The taxes these towns pay to Cathalon aren’t all that high, but still enough to cause occasional protests. In emergencies, the Royal Guard protects the satellite towns. On the one hand, the Guard is seen as welcome reinforcements against enemies, but the Royal Guard and tension among the citizens seem to go hand-in-hand in the satellite town where the Guard is temporarily stationed.

However, the proud and energetic citizens of Cathalon can be satisfied with the relatively rapid development of their kingdom, but there is one nameless threat in their lives… the faceless Taint, which seems to be approaching Cathalon from the east. It’s said to be omnipresent in Antaloor and getting stronger by the minute. The Taint and the increasing strength of the barbarian tribes and the Orcs make life increasingly difficult, not just for the inhabitants of Cathalon, but for humans throughout Antaloor. More and more refugees from the countryside are fleeing to the towns for protection and the trading routes are no longer safe – the only ones who aren’t complaining are the mercenaries and the bounty hunters – they have plenty of work to do. It would appear that Cathalon is about to experience one of the darkest periods of its relatively young history.

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