Jail Break
Jail Break
Objective Escape from Castle Vahkmaar
Rewards: Starts The Rescue

Jail Break, is the very first quest in Two Worlds II. It serves the triple purpose of introducing the main characters, describing the main plot, and also serves as the tutorial for movement, lockpicking, and basic combat.


I should follow this masked orcess. She claims she's here to help, but I don't know if I can trust her kind. Still... I would rather die on my feet than rot in a cell.

The moment you gain control over the Hero, you can turn around and loot the corpses of three guards. Head towards Dar Pha, the orcess, but instead of following her left, go towards the metal bars and pull the level on the right wall to open the cell. Inside the cell, grab the Jaw with Golden Teeth then proceed to follow Dar Pha. You will eventually come to a room where you are treated with another cutscene introducing Rodgor (warrior) and Nortar (archer). Loot the three corpses here, if you wish, then continue to follow Dar Pha.

I've been rescued by a group of orcs. Add that to the list of things I'd never thought possible. They've given me no choice but to leave without Kyra. I'll come back for her... if it's the last thing I do.

Once you reach what appears to be a library, approach Dar Pha and she will tell you the there is a hidden door and you need to find the switch to open it. Grab the Ancient Cults and Orders book from the pedastal across the room then head up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, head right to pick up a Small Healing Potion from the book shelf, The Teachings of Tarayel book from the pedastal, and the Architect's Notebook from another pedastal. Head back to the pedastal where The Teachings of Tarayel was sitting and run through the whole between the two bookshelves to activate the switch that opens the hidden door. Follow Dar Pha again.

Dar Pha and I found the hidden passage to cross the throne room. Using Gandohar's own tricks against him? She's beginning to grow on me already.

Once you get across the bridge, grab Achitects of Antaloor and Attributes of Armor books from the pedastals to the right. Follow Dar Pha.

Following Dar Pha out of the castle. My heart should be racing right now, but something about her makes me feel calm. Maybe it's her scent.

After a lengthy cutscene, loot the two guards bodies then sprint after Dar Pha. You will get separated from Dar Pha.

Dar Pha gave me some lock picks. Did a fair amount of this when I was younger. Been out of practice a while, but... so what? Getting this door open should be cake compared to some of the locks I've cracked...

Pick the lock and run through the door.

Dar Pha's somewhere at the other end of these tunnels.

Swim until you come to a "T." You should be able to see Dar Pha to the right. Go left to find a chest you can loot for 10 auras. Go to Dar Pha.

So close to escaping Vahkmaar I can taste it. I've been in this castle for five years without seeing the light of day... I wonder if the outside world's ready for me.

In the alcehmy lab, you can loot The Alchemist's Agenda book to the left, a Small Healing Potion to the right, On the Properties of Plants book to the right and up the stairs, a Medium Healing Potion straight ahead, and The Warlord mace to the left up the stairs (next to Dar Pha).

Talk to Dar Pha.

You will see a cutscene then be told to get out a weapon.

Protect Dar Pha from the guard.

Knock "Guardian" out and you will be greeted by the final cutscene of this quest.

A group of orcs rescued me... add that to the list of things I'd never thought possible. I'd been in Gandohar's custody for five years without seeing the light of day. Now I'm free, and it's all thanks to them. I wonder what it is they want from me.

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