The Karga Camp is the home of the Karga Clan in Two Worlds

Karga Camp


The Karga Camp's entrance is blocked by a gate and a single guard. The guard will refuse entry unless you have sufficient reputation with the Clan. There are three means to gain entrance from here.

  1. Fight the guard, but allow him to kill you. This is not recommended for high level characters, as he does very little damage. If you have a powerful weapon, take care not to kill him on your first strike. Once you are dead, you will response at the shrine within the camp, with no negative consequences but another defeat on your stat page.
  2. Climb over the fence. On the gate's right side, there is a line of progressively higher stakes, which are almost ridiculously easy to climb. You may have to jump to get started, but the going is easy enough from there. Simply do a quest inside, climb to the second tier of the camp, and jump down from the cliff onto the gate's front side, speak with the guard, and he should let you in.
  3. You could actually go do a quest to get up your reputation with the camp, but what fun is that?


  • Fetch the mage two magic potions
  • Explore the Excavations
  • Find the troublemaker (Isa)

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