King Emrys is the current human king of Cathalon, son of the Late King Satrius, as shown in Two Worlds, Emrys is seemed to be disliked general population, as stated when you ask common townfolk they will say things like "This war is getting too expensive, King Emrys keeps taking donations, but the money keeps slipping too fast through his hands to my liking." King Emrys also seems to dislike the people too, as shown when you do the quest to get the Earth Element for the Relic and a solid gold crown for the mayor of Windbreak so he can move to a safer location. Luckily for you, the Element is still there, but King Emrys took the crown and replaced it with a phony replica to fool graverobbers. Emrys rules the Human Kingdom from the formerly Elf-controlled city, Cathalon. There never seems to be a lot of evidence of his royal presence, as there are no very large towers or royal processions in the city. Supposedly, he lives in secret underground catacombs with the soldiers. During questioning sessions with the townfolk, they tell you that they see guards and soldiers go into ancient catacombs beneath the city.

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