Location Type: Human Village
Located at: Thalmont
Merchants: Merchants Guild, Society, Giriza
Available Quests: Moon Eye, Edwin from Brumhill, No News from Brumhill, Brumhill Village, A Troubled Horse Breeder, A Grim Message

Komorin is a small village to the south of Throglin's Temple. It is the village where the game truly kicks off, and a number of the quests there deal with the village of Brumhill, which had been massacred by Snow Orcs. Two Society mages, a merchant, and Ferid Redismos, who is experimenting with the ancient Elven Teleport network, live just outside of the village, to the east.

Two Worlds starts just to the north of the village, at the Temple, as the Hero investigating why a number of people have gone missing. The Hero actually inquires as to why they need him to do so, but it appears that the villagers fear the Temple. Gandohar, one of Reist Tungard's men, can be found here and he tells the player to meet Reist at the Goats Cave, to the east. The village only has two merchants, and does not house any trainers.

To the south of the village is Vesit's Corral, the home of a horse breeder, and a spot where The Brotherhood have a small base, if it can be called that. A merchant and a trainer can be fund here, as can a Brotherhood quest which deals with clearing a small cave of smugglers that have been harassing the Horse breeder.


  • White dots are merchants.
  • Orange dot is a Giriza trainer.

Komorin Map

  1. Komorin Village Teleport/Ferid Redismos
  2. Teleport
  3. Eye Lake Teleport
  4. Groms' Siege
  5. Vesit's Corral/Vesit Delurna
  6. Rustlers' Hideout
  7. Veran Korstill
  8. Nalax Gonga
  9. Lucius Darx
  10. Gandohar