Kumis is a quest item in Two Worlds II. It is what you must pick up while competing in Jade's Marathon. When the Hero asks what kumis is, Sambu will say that it's basically fermented horse milk. Each time you compete in the race, there will be one pint each in Jurban, Oros, and Halhin. You must pick up all three and get back to Sambu in time to win.


  • Kumis is an actual drink that many groups in Central Asia drink as a regular alcoholic beverage. It is also made the same way in real life as it is in the game.
  • There is an inconsistency with the spelling of kumis in the game. When Sambu tells you about it, it is spelled "kumis". This is also the correct way of spelling it. However, when you go to actually pick up a pint, it is spelled "koumis".

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