The Merchants Guild is a select group of prominent merchants and shop keepers that control most of the trading and bartering throughout Antaloor. The Guild also has a member's tax that all members must pay to the guild in return for the benefits of joining. The guild itself is an old organization that has a long history extending to the times of the first Dwarven merchants and great discoveries four centuries ago. The Dwarven merchants were renowned for their experience in trading and transportation of wares. Karr Hamza, the first Dwarven organization, was the first form of an organized trading guild. This organization was very powerful when the War of the gods destroyed it completely. The Merchant's Guild was the first human trading organization and was founded according to the Dwarves' trading rules. In 325 the name of the guild was officially changed to the Merchants Association, and so it has been to this day. The Dwarves are considered the most masterful traders of the races of Antaloor in the known records. The Dwarves founded their first trading post in the far reaches of the deserts of the New Drak'ar, which extends beyond the boundaries of the Orc city of Gor Gammar. The trading post is still standing today.



Rank Description Perks
0/10 0% price reduction in Merchant Guild shops
2/10 You now have the Sand title and privileges. 10% price reduction in Merchant Guild shops
4/10 You retain the Bronze title and privileges. 20% price reduction in Merchant Guild shops
6/10 You retain the Steel title and privileges. 30% price reduction in Merchant Guild shops
8/10 40% price reduction in Merchant Guild shops
10/10 You may now award titles 50% price reduction in Merchant Guild shops

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