More Rope
Given By Basil Tylar
Prerequisites Black Magic
Objective Tylar needs more rope... go fetch!
Fail Conditions Be discovered by the guard that you were working for Tylar
Rewards: x20 XP if you lie to the guard.

0 XP otherwise.

It seems Basil Tylar has some beef with Lord Ebrat Skelden and needs you to help him complete another doll targeting Skelden directly.

He asks you for another length of rope, but when you go to Gallows Hill to get more, there is none to be had. Upon returning to Tylar for additional advice, there is an unexpected visitor, by the name of Komar Ramza.

Speak with Ramza - It would appear Tylar has been discovered.

If the guard discovers your mission, you quest will end with no reward. You can lie about your involvement to finish the quest for XP.

Note: You do not need to actually venture to Gallows Hill to complete the quest. If you travel any distance away, the quest will update and a guard will appear at the House on his own, and you can then speak to him.Edit
Also, this quest will NOT show up in your list of completed quests once it is finished, one way or the other.Edit

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