Nathas is a Character from two worlds 2. An ignorant, arragont novice mage, he posseses dangerous levels of pride. However, his inability to gain exoerience with magic due to his rushful and impatient nature keeps him from being a danger to the world, 


A mage from the university, he had finished his studies, he had been unsatisfied at his line of work, as his training for true, dangerous magic had just started. He had found an old friend, who would promise him to teach him magic. However, he found out that ghortarius was an orc and was going to be the one teach magic, as he had to the Hero, but he had a prejudice view on the powerful Master Mage, calling hin barbaric, subhuman filth. After some training, of which indicate he was not a very skilled mage to begin with, he decided to ask Ghortarius to teach him the touch of death spell, a spell even the hero never unlocked as maximum skill with magic. Having a arragant nature and irresponsibility with magic, Ghortarius decided that he was not ready yet. Enraged, he tried to kill Ghortarius in his sleep, but he repelled him. Nathas began planning to kill his mentor, but needed an army of mecris to do so, after of which he found a necromancers spellbook, of which is implied to be taken from the man who worshipped  him, he began building an army. However, Ghortarius began having premonitions, which sparked Rodgor to tell the Hero to look into the mater. Eventually he found the necromancer, who seems to have been driven insane, whom of which he easily killed.

Location & combat infoEdit

He is found in Arghuds cave, in the quest Orchish nightmares. despite his delusions of grandur, you will most likely fight him at a very high level, since you have to complete all other Alsorna quests, except whats behind the door. He is a arragant as he is weak, as he with attack you with a weak ice storm and necris. He, being a low level wizard has little to no physical damage, striking him via weapons or magic will work fine. He as 3 boar horns, 2 journals to explain his back story and 2 essences of death. He also uses a water staff.

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