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Orcs are monsters that can primarily be found in southern Antaloor, on the other side of the River Gon. They stand roughly as tall as the Protaganist at full height. The Orcs were the race that was at war with the other races of Antaloor (Humans, Elves and Dwarves, along with Serpents, although they were not allied) three hundred years before the events of Two Worlds. Five years before the events of Two Worlds the Orcs were united by an unknown prophet, and began a war with the free world of Antallor, waging their war from behind the River Gon, with their base at Gor Grammar.

White Head Orc

White Head, an Orc leader

This proud warrior race probably suffered more from the effects of the Great War than any of the other races. The banishment of the rebel god Aziraal by the other gods not only deprived them of their warlord - they also lost faith in their own fighting abilities and the Orcs were almost entirely wiped out. Scattered in defeat, remnants gathered in the territory around the town of GorGammar, in Antaloor’s far south. It was there that the Orc culture sank into utter darkness over the course of centuries. Split into small clans, which had no time for alliances because of internal feuds and power struggles, the race of Orcs seemed doomed to die a gradual death. They had no political structures and no diplomatic relations with other races. The few attacks which scattered bands of Orcs carried out on other areas weren’t really a threat for the individual victims’ races as a whole - and statements like “Who cares if these Orcs are wiped off all the maps of Antaloor?” could be heard all over the land. The other races were too caught up in their own lives - and Orc clans couldn’t become the threat they once were if permanently at war with one another… so why bother? This attitude may soon prove to be terribly wrong. Centuries of clan battles in the swamps have hardened the battle morale of the Orcs. The old values like courage and determination have returned. In its fanaticism, the warlike cruelty and determination of these warriors is on a par with their boundless adoration and worship of Aziraal. The more observant among the other races are already proclaiming that the age of peace is finally over, but the majority still chooses to ignore these warnings for one reason or another… they cannot ignore that Orc attacks are becoming bolder - in Cathalon’s vast interior, there are even rumors of Orc commandos harassing the Royal Guard...

Aziraal, God of the Orcs and Destruction, was their war leader during the first war. He united the Orcs and attacked the free world. The Society, after heavy research into the subject, believe that this was because Azirall wanted to give the Orcs souls, as he was the only God that could not create creatures with souls. After their defeat, the races of the free world denied the Orcs request to have the corpse of their leader returned to them. The Main Quest of Two Worlds deals primarily with Aziraal, and the hero encounters many Orcs during the game.

The Orcs, and perhaps a small number of people in the free world believe that it would have been better if Aziraal and the orcs had not been defeated. This is mainly an Orc myth, and most researchers, or indeed anyone other than the Orcs, are at a loss to explain why Aziraal wanted to give his creations souls so badly.

Orcs carry powerful weapons, and heavy armour. Along with this they usually carry a lot of Gold as well. Orcs can be divided into three categories; the green skinned Orcs, the grey skinned Snow Orcs and the red skinned Gamma Orcs.

The most powerful orc is a close combat orc. They have a high ammount of Vitality Points, and they also have Shields. There are also Archer Orcs. These orcs are weak, but if you run to attack them, they will retreat back several metres before attempting to shoot at you again.

The first encounter you will probably have of Orcs is if you visit the city of Brumhill. There will be 5-10 Snow Orcs here. They can be challenging for weaker characters.

Two Worlds II Edit

By Two Worlds II, The Orcs have been mostly wiped out in a great battle. (The opening cinematic more so) Only a handful of Orcs remain and follow once more under a Prophetess who leads them to recover the Hero by Gandahors clutchs. Rogdor, Dar Pha, Sokaris, Ghotarius, and Nortar are the remaining orcs encountered in the beginning of the game and continue to offer quests to the Hero.

You can create this creature. See the Creating People/Monsters page.

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