Paper Trail
Given By The Bursar
Objective Collect 15 University Documents
Rewards: 4750 Auras

This quest is given by The Bursar whom is found on the lower floor of the Veneficus University. He wants 15 University Documents that are spread in and around the city of New Ashos. All 15 must be delievered at once and one does not appear until the quest is taken. They are always laying on the ground or floor. Five are indoors and ten are outdoors.

Location ListEdit

  1. Base of the steps to The King's Court Inn.
  2. In front of Mangano's Place to the west of the door, in the corner.
  3. In front of Mr. Lexington's Summer House, on the grass next to the walk way.
  4. In front of Prescott Cormic's Residence, just a little north of the green pin on the map.
  5. Outside of the New Ashos city wall, directly east of the portal. It is on the corner where the wall goes east a short ways then north. Alternatively, head east from the Market Place until you are on the path east out of New Ashos. Follow the wall to the north, east, then north and you should run in to it on the ground.
  6. In the Veneficus University, go directly east of the green Veneficus University Campus pin on the map. It is on the grassy area close to the east walkway. It is directly east of a tiny tree in the grassy area and is relatively easy to miss if you never run through there going from west to east.
  7. On the deck at the Rear Entrance to Veneficus University (where the path leaves to connect to the dock). It is to the west of the tree in the center of the deck.
  8. Inside the Staff Offices. Once you enter, turn right and run straight ahead.
  9. Southwest of the Staff Offices pin. It is on the path going from the main Vereficus University Campus to the dormatory area.
  10. Northwestern dorm at the Veneficus University. It is in the northeastern room (Lisa's room) of the dorm. May not appear if on a mission involving Lisa.
  11. In the Veneficus University Great Hall (main building, lower floor) to the east of the large statue (behind the Soulpatcher).
  12. In the Veneficus University Library (main building, lower floor, through the east door, through the south door) next to the door which leads up to the library balcony.
  13. In the Veneficus University lecture hall (main building, lower floor, through the west door, through the north door) to the west of the small stage.
  14. On the path west of New Ashos. It is located directly east of the Entrance to "The Lion." It is close to the large rock on the map and just a little to the north of where the path splits to Bright Beach.
  15. On the small beach north-northeast/North of Prescott Cormic's Fishing Spot, soutwest of Narrow Passage (west of the campfire which is west of New Ashos), and straight west from the Entrance to "The Lion." Looking out to sea, it is close to the rock wall on the left. There is a bird right next to it that will fly away when you apprach.
    • Note: #15 does not appear until AFTER you accept the quest. All others can be found before the quest is accepted.

Locations MapEdit

University Documents Map

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