Location Type: Human City
Located at: North Anteloor

Qudinar (sometimes spelled Qudinaar) is the third major city in North Antaloor, Quidinar is a home to all the guilds and their respective trainers and merchants. There is a small Necromancer presence there as well. In the western corner of the city is a dwarven furnace which is a key point in the Hero's quest to free Kira. Quidinar is the only way to access South Antaloor without Swimming.


  • White dots are merchants.
  • Orange dots are trainers.
  • Blue dots are people offering Regression services.

Qudinar Map

  1. Qudinaar Teleport
  2. Smuggler's Cave
  3. Cellar Entrance/Yan Radeios - Quest giver.
  4. Argos Moraios - Quest giver.
  5. Seloth Brotun - Quest giver.
  6. Giriza - Quests available with high enough respect.
  7. Merchants Guild - Quests available with high enough respect.
  8. Yan Tadeios - Quest giver.
  9. Takis Royo - Quest giver.
  10. Dwarven Furnace
  11. Athos Keios - Quest giver.