Reputation in Two Worlds is effected by all of the Hero's decisions in the immediate and future course of the game. If the Hero kills a villager, the rest of them won't cooperate with the Hero and they might get aggressive. The Hero's behavior will also change the opinions of various guilds.

The hero's guild rating can be found in the Reputation menu (F5). There are 10 levels within the guilds ranks to rise up through with 1 being a 'nobody' whilst 10 being highly respected. Certain guild quests within the game will not become available until a minimum guild ranking has been achieved.

The Guilds within Antaloor are:

  • The Brotherhood - A guild of fighters initially created to defend against the dwarves of the north, now they defend against evil, mainly the Taint.
  • The Giriza - A crime syndicate in Antaloor that nobody admits to knowing about. If you need to do something shady or find a unique item, usually belonging to someone else, they might just have it.
  • The Merchants Guild - Originally an organisation for helping fellow traders it soon became a source of supplying protection for travelling merchants.
  • The Society - The mages guild are a dedicated group to finding the secrets of magic. They are currently investigating the Taint whom they believe to be associated with the Necromancers.
  • The Necromancers - Once calling themselves members of the Society they have now been banished by society in relation to the Taint. Now calling themselves The Enlightened they secretly toil away in the knowledge of black magic to reemerge as a new power in Antaloor.

Being a bounty hunter in the game, the Hero does not join any guilds per se but may accept guild job offers.

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