Rivals In Love
Given By Aias Moratos
Prerequisites None
Objective Beat up Theron Hloos
Fail Conditions Complete What Is Best For My Daughter quest series
Conflicts With: What is Best For My Daughter

Speak to Aias Moratos, who'll tell you that a man name Theron Hloos (whose in one of the cottages that is not locked)asked to marry his daughter Maya, he wants you to teach him a lesson and stay away from Maya.

When you speak to Theron Hloos, he'll tell you about his love for Maya. If you decide to beat him, the quest ends there and you just go back to Aias for your reward of gold and experience.

But if you wish for a happy ending (like I did but gave me a quest failure for 'Rivals in Love') then accept his plea for help with his romantic problem and help his beloved, Maya, to escape from her parents' house.

Another set of sub-quests get started:

  • What Is Best For My Daughter
  • Betray The Lover's
  • Thieving Neighbor
  • On The Trail Of The Ring
  • Talk To Maya
  • Help Us Escape

First, you’ll need to speak to Maya’s mother Jemma (located in front of their home east of Aias). She says that she wants to see a proper engagement ring before she will permit the lovers to meet.

Go back to Theron and inform him of Maya mother's wishes. In turn he'll explain of how the ring somehow went missing when he let your neighbor's friend stay in his house.

You'll find the neighbor, Tomal Aikos, around the corner from Theron's house. He'll tell you where his friend is staying, just east of Covelly. When you go to demand the ring, the friend will get angry and fight you with two other bandits that will jump out of the bushes. Kill the friend and the bandits and you will get the Engagement ring.

Another choice to make. If you give the ring to Aias, he'll reward you with gold and experience and the quest will end. But 'Betray the Lovers' will be failed quest if you decide to go with Theron.

If Theron is the choice you make then you need to show it to him and go give it to Jemma. She will tell you that Maya is inside the cottage where Jemma is standing and to go talk to her.

Maya will ask you to go talk to the mage Solan Murbar, whose in front of one of the cottages south. You can't miss him he's the only one with a robe. Solan will be glad that you helped the lovers. You'll get more experience from the Theron quests but more gold from Aias quest.

Note: On Xbox, not doing Aias quests 'Rivals in Love' and 'Betray the Lovers' gave me a Quest Fail. When going back to talk to Aias he keeps giving me the fists to go away.

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