The River Gon is a major river in Antaloor. Being the only river seen in Two Worlds its primary goal serves to divide the war torn world. On the Northern Side is where The humans reside and the hero begins his story here. The regions on the North Side include Westenwald, Darothen, and Thalmont among others. Some major cities include Cathalon, Tharbakin, and Yamalin. On the southern side is a land that has been overrun by the Orcs. The main regions are Garnowald, Drak'ar, and Ostenwald with the major cities of Gor Gammar and Oswaroh.

The bridge across the Gon at Cathalon is demolished.

Currently the war between Orcs and Humans is divided by the Gon, with the Orcs holding the Southern side with Catapults that are set up and besieging Cathalon. The Orcs however have no triggers for their Catapults, and the city is not in immediate danger.

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