Two Worlds II Character
2wselect 01
Location: Alsorna
Gives or Involved in Quests: The Rescue, The Shipwreck

Rogdor is the undisputed leader of the remaining Orcs in Antaloor. He's obviously a great warrior; otherwise he could never have advanced through the Orc ranks to his exalted position. Whether he's wielding a two-handed sword, swinging a huge axe or attacking with two one-handed weapons, Rogdor is the embodiment of the perfect fighting machine - and this is one real hard guy to stop!

There’s another side to this deadly Orc, one which might just surprise you… because in a culture totally oriented on fighting, strength and dominance, Rogdor believes in fairness and justice. Hardened by the historic battle of Gor Gammar in which he almost lost his life, Rogdor will soon become an important companion for the hero - because the Orc knows that this is one way of getting to Gandohar and wreaking his bloody revenge on him…

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