Two Worlds II Character
Location: Halhin
Gives or Involved in Quests: Starvation

Selen is found at the lighthouse in Halhin. She represents the interests of the Mangano family and has control over the town by intimidating Altan. She possesses a strong hatred for Alima, stating "she is as lazy as she is stupid, and cares little for the people of Bayan". She will ask the Hero to help make Alima step down as the leader of Bayan and put her younger brother, Lebo, in charge. The player can accept her proposal, which continues the quest. You can also refuse to support the "corruption", in which case she becomes quite angry and says that the Mangano family will seek retribution. At this point, you'll have to kill her. While she does seem rather well equipped, she is actually not very hard to kill. The key is to not give her any time to fight back. Killing her also continues the quest.

If you decide to kill her, be sure to loot her body. Among some other things, she holds a unique weapon called Selen's Hurricane Pitchfork. At lower levels, this is a nice weapon to have. It can also be useful at higher levels if you upgrade it with the Metallurgy and Weapon Forging skills. The weapon contains a +2 Radial Barrage runestone.


  • If you are deciding whether to kill her or not for the first time, it is probably best just to kill her. If you don't, you miss out on getting her fantastic pitchfork plus Alima's gold and trouser reward. The only real reward you get for helping her is a writ of protection, and there is a much simpler and less time consuming way to get one.
  • A very easy way to kill her is to lead her over to the railing at the top of the lighthouse, and then attack her until she falls through one of the open spaces to her death.
  • Selen tells you (if you decide to kill her) that the Mangano family will seek retribution for her death. Speaking to Altan will also result in the Hero being warned. However, they never seem to take any action upon this. Selen herself, or her spirit rather, does try to kill you again later, though.

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