Two Worlds II Character
Location: Castle Vahkmaar, Prophet's Chamber

Sordahon is a Human Warrior who serves as Gandohar's right-hand. Hardly anything besides that is known of Sordahon's past, but it is known that Sordahon led the assault on Gor Gammar, nearly felled by the Orc Zarg (as shown in the trailer), but was saved by Gandohar. He is currently leading the Myrmidae, an elite legion of super-mutant soldiers at Gandohar's defense. Sordahon is first met during the Jail Break quest at the beginning of the game. He tries to kill Rogdor, but ultimately fails, and is fatally wounded by Rogdor. However, Sordahon returns as a ghostly apparition in Alsorna later in the game, and seeks to battle with the Hero. Wielding a large spiked mace and a shield, Sordahon is a foe to be reckoned with.


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