Taint Shoots are a quest item usually found in graveyards. They are required by the "Bring me ... Taint" quests.

Related QuestsEdit


Shoots Location Description
2 Graveyard of Covengor A bit northwest from the city of Covengor.
2 The Old Graveyard of Covengor This one is just a while west of the Graveyard of Covengor.
2 Ruined Graveyard North of Devil's Chamber, east of Devil's Chamber Teleport, and southeast of the Outpost.
2 Ho's Graveyard North of Ho's Hut.
2 Gallows Hill Northeast of Rovant; North of Old Hut (Where Solon Moraios "The Enlightened One" resides).
2 Tharguls Graveyard This one is out in the middle of nowhere. Just go to the Windbreak teleporter and head west. You will find Thargul and, from there, go a bit north if you can't see it already.
2 Graveyard of Windbreak Go a bit south from the Windbreak teleporter.
0 Servants' Graveyard This one can be found real close to the King's Tomb that you visit in the main story.
Thieve's Graveyard Take the road south out of Qudinar and the road will break off into a side road that will take you right to the graveyard.
2 Orc Graveyard South of Cathalon you'll find the "Fist Rock teleport." Take it, then head directly south. You will find the graveyard.
4 Skull Graveyard Head back the the "Fist Rock teleport" and head a bit north this time. This one is really close to the teleporter.
Old Graveyard This one can be found in the area of "pentagram Castle." Head there, and go as far north as you can without crossing the river. You'll find a beach, and if you went straight north from the tip of the castle, then then you'll be a little east of the graveyard. So head west along the beach, and continually look a little inland, (at least thats the general area).

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